Board of Directors

Shivrao Yeshwantrao Ghorpade


A qualified metallurgical engineer from the Colorado School of Mines, USA, Mr. S.Y Ghorpade has journeyed with the company for 48 years and has seen most of its key milestones. With over three decades of incredible service as head of Company’s Metal & Ferroalloys Plant and over five years as Technical Director, he now leads the company as a Non Executive Chairman.

“I am not a trained teacher, but I certainly enjoy giving tips on precision and conciseness, be in writing or solving mathematical problems. In any methodology we must ask the question; ‘Why? Can it be simplified?’ The result should be an elegant solution.”

“Nothing like hard and sincere work makes for success and satisfaction in life. Good and ethical behaviour makes you a welcome addition to social growth."

“Disseminate information down the line. Confer responsibility with accountability. Don’t play favourites and lead by example... Embrace scientific temper; shun superstitious belief, maintain positive attitude.”