Sustainability Development Framework

Upholding sustainable mining practices is core to our operations at SMIORE. Committed to acquiring essential certifications and international management standards, we seek to have a measured impact on the finite natural resources.

Supplementary Environment Management Plans (SEMP)

Our mining lease comprises of about 2005 ha, out of which about 1760 ha is forestland. We have developed and nurtured tree plantations over an area of about 250 ha of valuable mining area, with its own nurseries to support regular supply of saplings. Over the last 15 years, over 30 lakh trees have been planted. Nearly 10,000 bamboo trees have been planted for reclamation of land, which in turn has become a model site.

The mining lease lies in a hilly terrain. To prevent soil erosion, contain dumps from being washed away by rains, and to prevent the close-by lakes from being silted, we have been carrying out regular environmental protection works. This includes constructing several check dams, gully plugs, drains, toe walls, etc. We have initiated steps to re-charge ground water through rainwater harvesting methods. The water stored in the harvesting pits is being used for applications such as dust suppression, and greenbelt development.

Scientific Mining

We have always laid emphasis on scientific mining, safety, afforestation and environment protection. For this, we have also won several awards at the state and national level. Our culture and philosophy of utmost regard and respect to the various statutes and rules of mining, has held us in good stead.

Contribution to Society

Contribution to Society At SMIORE, we ensure that our contribution to society is not secondary but a primary by product of the business. From construction of roads, houses to victims of floods, de-silting of tanks in buffer zone, compensation to farmers for drought, floods and dust pollution and contribution to development work by the Government is a way to give back to the society.