M.Y. Ghorpade

(1931 – 2011)
Administrative Officer
Joint Managing Director
Managing Director
Chairman and Managing Director (up to 1999)

“All that we get (earn) from the soil of Sandur in one form or the other should be primarily used to benefit Sandur.... The Mining Lease is something that has to be held in Trust for the benefit of those who are working so hard for so many years, with so much faith and determination. This is not anybody’s private property, but a sacred social responsibility, in which each one of us has to function as Trustee for the toiling workforce.”

“I was able to win the full confidence of the labour who were convinced that nothing contrary to their common interest will be done, and everything will be done in the most transparent manner. This faith and commitment has remained at the core of the philosophy of the company and has not been eroded all these years. This is my greatest satisfaction in life.”