Ferro alloy





The ore is hard and lumpy. Because of its low phosphorous contain it is conveniently used for bending with ores of other region. It is also used as a desulphurising agent. Manganese ores with higher manganese and lower iron content are also mined for the production of ferromanganese silicomanganese at the Metal & Ferro Alloy Plant of the Company.

The manganese ore analyses as follows:

  A Grade(in %) C Grade(in %)
Manganese(Mn) (Min) 38 30
Iron(Fe) (Min) 16 20
Silica(SiO2) (Max) 5 5
Alumina(Al2O3) (Max) 8 8
Phosphorous (P) (Max) 0.05 0.05

The removal of overburden and extraction of ore is done by drilling and blasting and the use of heavy earthmoving traxcavators and dumper in the open Cast Mines. The mining is selective in nature and skilled and experienced labour sorts out the ore different grades. Rigid quality control is exercised by sampling the ore at different stages of mining, transport and shipping. The Company’s mines are geared for an annual production of about 250,000 tonnes.

The company has a well knit transport system consisting of aerial gravity rope-ways and roads to convey the ore from pits mouth to railway sliding. It is then railed to the port of Marmugao which is about 360 Kms on the western coast. The ore is exported mostly to Japan and South Korea through the Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation of India Ltd. (MMTC).






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