Ferro alloy




Ferro Alloy

The metal and Ferro Alloy Plant was established in 1968 at Vyasanakere near Hospet. A 15 MVA electric reduction furnace supplied by Ing Leone Tagliaferri & C-Spa, Italy, was install with the technical collaboration of Sadacem, Belgium, at a capital cost of about Rs. 30 million. The furnace is capable of producing 36,000 tonnes of foundry grade pig iron or about 30,000 tonnes of ferromanganese / silico-manganese.

The company went in for further expansion by installing two 20 MVA electric reduction furnaces (in 1977 and 1980), each capable of producing 12,000 tonnes of ferrosilicon per annum. These furnaces were supplied by Elkem Spigerverket, Norway.


The plant provided with modern equipment and other facilities for the efficient production and quality control. It requires about 1 million units of energy per day at full load operation, SMIORE’s pig iron is well known for its low phosphorus content (0.12% max) and is ideally suited for production of quality casting especially in the automobile industry. The company’s ferrosilicon, ferromanganese and silico-manganese also enjoy an excellent reputation with major steel plants. Mini steel mills and services in meeting the customer’s special requirements. Productions with the following specifications are marked through a network of offices and depots.


  Silicon(Si) Manganese
Pig Iron 0.75-3.25 0.5-1.5 - 0.12 max 0.05 max -
Ferrosilicon 70-75 - 0.15 max 0.05 max 0.05 max 1.25 max
Ferromanganese 1.5 max 70-75 6-8 0.35 max 0.05 max -
Silicomanganese 15-20 60-65 2.0 max 0.30 max 0.03 max -
High Purity Fessi 74-77 0.35 max 0.03 0.02 0.02 0.4 max







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