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Education is not only one of the indispensable requirement for human life for their personality development but also it is required to get comparatively a better job in the present day heavy competition. It is an accepted fact that persons with better education have more chances of getting jobs than illiterates. In 1954, why only in Devagiri and SB Halli, but there were no school college in and around Sandur except Thara High School, Sandur which was started by the erstwhile Sandur town in 1942. With this backdrop enquiries were made with regard to the educational facility available/ availed during this period of review.


In 1954, there were no schools (Government or Private) not only in our camps (Devagiri and SB Halli) but also in surrounding villages except one private person by name Laxminarayanachar who establish a small school in his house and training boys / girls for VI Form (old system) at Bommaghatta. It is believed that be had trained some students who attended VI Form examinations at Molaklmuru in Chitradurga district. The labour then had no opportunity to go to this school.





In 1954, all the respondents (100%) had no formal education, except very few knew only to sign. From then onwards the company took lot of interest in establishing a good number of educational institutions not only in Devagiri, SB Halli and Sandur but also at Yeshwanthnagar and Vyasankere. Only Primary Schools (From 1st Standard to 5th Standard) at Devagiri and at SB Halli were started with the available building during 1955-56 with a small number of students (around 130-85 at Devagiri ad 45 at SB Halli). Subsequently, higher primary classes and higher school classes were started.





A bigger, building was required to accommodate more number of students. As such, a building to accommodate primary and higher classes was planned. Major his highness of Shri. Yeshwanth Rao Ghorpade, Chairman and Managing Director, The Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Limited, my father, laid the foundation stone on 15th August 1962 for this proposed building. Subsequently, this building is opened by Honourable Shri. S. Nijalingappa, Chief Minister of Mysore, on 7th March 1965. Honourable Shri. Yeshwanth Rao Ghorpade presided over the function. Similarly, High School was started in 1967.



At Sandur, in 1942, erstwhile Thara High School, was renamed as Sri. Chatrapathi Vidyamandir High School with 8 to 10 standards. In 1970, one higher primary schools( from 1st to 7th standards) and Pri-University college were added to Chatrapathi Shivaji Vidyamandir. Then there was no opportunity for students to study graduate courses at Sandur. Therefore, by recognizing this requirement, the Sandur Education society decided to open Arts, Science and Commerce College at Sandur. The required place was provided and the building was constructed. The college was opened from the academic year 1973-1974.


From the beginning of Shri. Chatrapathi Shivaji Vidyamandir, co-education was in existence. It was brought to our notice that more and more girl students are seeking admission for PU classes. Then, it thought necessary to open a high school specially meant for the girl students. As a result, The Sandur Education Society established one Girls High School in 1979 which was made into a junior college. Subsequently, this society, in recognizing the need, also established SMIORE Girls High School, Vyasankere in 1984. The company has established a Commerce Institute at Devagiri and at SB Halli which was established in 1992. These institutions are in addition to Balawadies at Devagiri and at were established in 1981 and 1984 respectively. All these educational institutions were established by the Sandur Education Society, a registered society under Registration of Societies Act.




Even after establishing these education institution there was no opportunity for the student who want to study in English medium. This need was recognized as early as 1959 and established an institution, Shivapura Shikshana Samithi, to open / run English medium schools. As a result Sandur Residential School was opened in 1959 with a small number of students. Subsequently, in 1988, Sandur Polytechnic was established at Yeshwanthnagar offering Diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science, Secretarial Practice, etc. fields. Similarly, in 1991, the Sandur Residential Composite Junior College was opened in Vyasapuri near Mariyammana Halli, Hospet taluk.

The following tables gives the particulars of educational institutions run by the Sandur Group of Companies [Through Sandur Education Society and Shivapura Shikashana Samithi ].

Sl. No. Name of Society & the Educational Institutions Year of Establishment Number of student passed till date

Sandur Educational Society

  1. SES’s Higher Primary school,Sandur
  2. Sri. Chatrapathi Shivaji Vidya Mandir, Sandur
  3. Sri. Chatrapathi Shivaji Composite Jr. College, Sandur
  4. SMIORE Girls High School, Vyasapuri
  5. SMIORE Higher Primary School, Vyasapuri
  6. SES’s Arts, Science & Commerce College, Sandur
  7. SES’s Girls High Schools, Sandur
  8. SMIORE Higher Primary School, Deogiri
  9. SMIORE Higher Primary School, SB Halli
  10. SMIORE High School, Deogiri





Shivapura Shikshana Samithi

  1. Sandur Residential Composite Jr. College, Sandur
  2. Sandur Residential Composite Jr. College, Vyasapuri
  3. Sandur Polytechnic,Yeshwanthnagar
  4. SMIORE Girls Resisdential School, Vyasapuri





Directly by SMIORE

  1. Balawadi, old camp,Deogiri
  2. Balawadi, new camp,Deogiri
  3. Balawadi, Deogiri
  4. SMIORE Commerce Institute, Deogiri





These numbers are total numbers who had studied in these institutions and not students who have passed.

Statics are available from 1958-1959 and 1971-72 from Shri. Chatrapathi Shivaji Vidyamandir, Sandur and Sandur Resisdential school, Sandur eventhough these institutions were started in 1942 and 1959 respectively.




The schools which run by SMIORE are being transferred to the Sandur Educational Society. As a result of establishing these educational institutions in our campus, at Yeshwanthnagar SMIORE group of employees but also the public in general. In addition to these institutions, we took a lot of initiative when I was in Urs Government, to start a post-Graduate centre at Nandihalli, as a part of Karnataka University. This PG centre was planned to offer graduation and post-graduation in mineral exploration, mineral processing, Geology. Subsequently, MA in Kannada and MCom. Courses were added in 1985. This PG centre was transferred to Gulbarga University as Bellary comes under Gulbarga University jurisdiction. These courses are being offered even today.

Among others all SMIORE labour also have taken advantages in getting their children educated. It is a pleasant surprise that our employees children have completed diploma, graduate, post-graduate, technical courses and well settled in their life.



SMIORE Freeship:-


This scheme was introduce in to help meritorious students who study in any educational institutions run by the Sandur Education Society and Shivapura Shikshana Samithi run by SMIORE Group of companies. The students are admitted to class VI under this scheme through the entrance test of 45 minutes duration on subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and General Potential. The students who have passed the test will normally be admitted in the Sandur Residential Composite Junior college, Sandur or The Sandur Girls Residential School, Vyasankere. There are a good number of students who have available this facility and themselves educated.

Earlier, i.e. in 1954, as there were no educational institutions except the Sri. Chatrapathi Shvaji Vidyamandir Junior College ( at Sandur) it was out of question to think any scholarship. Now a days a good number of educational institutions are established in and around Sandur and SMIORE Company Periodically have introduced number of scholarship and freeships, THE SMIORE employees, including labour have availed benefits under these. Now, all the respondents agreed that they have not only sent their children to these one or the other institution but also have availed scholarship / freeship benefit.




Availability of Teacher:-

All institutions run by Sandur Group have sufficient teaching and non-teaching staff. Whenever required, we observe recruitment guidelines laid by the Government of Karnataka / Government of India. Otherwise merit is given priority in recruiting teacher in our institutions.





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