Kushala Kala Kendra



Contribution to protection of environment and infrastructure deveplopment in Bellary District

The company has generally contributed for environment protection, victims of flood and fire accidents, compensation to farmers who have lost their crops for various reasons. The following are the details.



Desalting of tanks- Due to heavy rains & mining operations soil erosion takes place. As a part of CSR activities, the company has taken the initiative in desalting tanks in different village around the mining areas. As high as Rs 679-96 lakhs is used for the purpose in a period of 6 years (2006-7 to 2011-12). Totally water storage tanks, for the purpose of agriculture are desalted in the process.





Dust Compensation to farmers:-

Dust Compensation to farmers- wherever the crops are spoiled or marginally yielded due to mining dust, dust compensation to farmers to the tune of Rs 219.00 lakhs, and compensation to villagers ( for their houses) to the extent of Rs. 30.16 lakhs are paid for the period of recent six years (2006-7 to 2011-12). In addition to this , an amount of Rs. 24.23 lakhs is spent in tree plantation. As high as -------lakhs of local species are being planted in the recent past with ----- per cent of survival rate.



Contribution to infrastructure development:-


As part of CSR activities, the company has generously contributed for infrastructure development project like construction of roads, construction / maintenance of community halls, Temples, Masjids, Churches etc. The company has donated Rs. 900.00 lakhs to the development of roads in Bellary district. The amount was made available to the Bellary Agenda Task Force headed by deputy commissioner. Similarly company donated an amount of Rs. 1000.00 lakhs for formation of road from Sandur to Sri kumaraswamy Temple. The company has spent an another Rs. 185.92 lakhs for contribution and maintenance of community centre and religious centre like Temples, Masjid and church.



Construction of Houses :-


During the years 2010-11 and 2011-12, the Bellary District had noticed heavy rains resulting into floods, which spoiled thousands of houses in low laying areas in Siruguppa taluk of Bellary District. In recognizing the urgent need of houses in this area, the company had built houses in different villages at an established cost of Rs. 1085.00 lakhs. The colonies so built were handed over to the Dupty Commissioner, Bellary for onward distribution to the flood victims in these villages. In addition to houses, the colonies were provided with necessary infrastructure facilities like road, power supply, water. etc.





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